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cask islay

Discover more about A D Rattray's award winning whisky Cask Islay. A. D. Rattray have specially selected this single malt for its wonderful Islay characteristics. The complex and refreshing flavours will delight lovers of Islay whiskies, while its charm and charisma will tempt many to their first taste from this beloved West Coast isle.

glengyle's kilkerran

Frank McHardy, Director of Production, takes us through the colourful history of whisky production in Campbeltown, Scotland. He describes the setting up of Mitchell's Glengyle Distillery and how his involvement shaped the Distillery set up. Also look out for the other two videos of Gavin McLachlan and Stephen Kelly talking about the production and set up of Kilkerran Single Malt whisky and Mitchell's Glengyle Distillery.


From Barley to Bottle - follow the process of how whisky is distilled and learn how Kilchoman whisky is made.

Meet founding director of Kilchoman Distillery, Anthony Wills

In this, the second of our People Behind the Whisky series we talk to Islay Heads, General Manager here at Kilchoman. A true Ileach, Islay’s affection for the island, its’ people and produce is reflected in his passion for our 100% Islay philosophy. As General Manager Islay oversees every part of our unique barley to bottle whisky-making process. From planting the barley to bottling the whisky, Islay ensures no corners are cut in our pursuit of crafting the finest single malt possible.
Meet Robin Bignal, Production Manager here at Kilchoman. As production manager, Robin oversees the key whisky-making processes at the heart of the distillery. From the malting and distilling to maturation and cask selection, Robin’s passion, knowledge and understanding of our unique hand-crafted practices guarantees the quality and consistency of each bottle of Kilchoman.
Meet Jamie Muir, Kilchoman Maltman and Stillman. As one of a four-man malting and stillman team, Jamie is responsible for the daily malting, kilning and distillation of Kilchoman spirit. The non-automated nature of our floor maltings and hand-operated stills create a reliance on the experience and expertise of the stillman and their ability to tailor their procedures to the natural variances of the process. The skill and care of Jamie, as well as Russel, JJ and Neil, is the key ingredient in the creation of Kilchoman single malt.


In depth look at Sprinkbank, Longrow, and Hazelburn production


Discover more about A D Rattray's award winning whisky Stronachie as we transport you back in time with our spirit of another age...



Meet the co-founder of Wolfburn, Harry Taylor, as he talks about the revival of the Wolfburn distillery and the difference between each expression